drie afbeeldingen van de finca

For children and their parents

Finca el Moralejo is Agro-toerisme at its purest. Chosen by Zoover as the best recreational parc in Andalusia. During the high season and school holidays visisted by families with children from about five to fourteen. Outside the high season visisted by the more flexible parents with toddlers or babies. There is a children's pool and everything is poised towards the welfare of the children. A playground with sandbox, seesaw,chessboard, slide, swing and a minitiature house to make smaller children happy. On the BBQ terrace is a playcorner for the children with a 'treasure box' where they can play freely while the parents keep an eye on things.

Kinderen op de finca

Our neighbour is visited frequently who keeps poultry from chicken to ostriches.

The Andalusians have a lunch culture instead of a dinner culture, like us Northeners. Parents do not have to wait for restaurants to open around 21.00(!) We cook at any time for our guests and there are baby monitors available for if the parents want to relax later in the evening. Everything here is focussed on your wellbeing.

Kinderen op de finca

If you preorder half board, you will enjoy a considerable discount but may you decide, after eating with us, to enjoy the freedom of cooking in your own appartment or house, we provide this flexibility happily. Freedom is what counts here.